Managerial Epidemiology Case Study

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Jaterrio Johnson When it comes down getting a clinic back up and running, appropriate and necessary changes must be implemented into the system that would steer the project towards a positive outcome. In order for Reid to keep Blake Memorial clinic up and running, he has to take a couple of incentives into consideration such as whether or not to cut staff and personnel, freeze wages and salaries, eliminate weekly in-clinics, or to eliminate the site as a whole. Reid should keep the Blake Memorial clinic open, but in order to do so, he is going to have to first implement a plan, and then make the necessary cuts in the system. Typically a plan consists of the following five components: ends, means, resources, implementation, and control.…show more content…
In-house clinic visits have dropped by 10%, so therefore the in-house clinics should be down-sized and decreased in staff. The prenatal clinic visits, which account for over 60% of the clinic’s visits, had been declining for the last sixteen months. Blake Memorial clinic should continue to operate in the neighborhood that it is in. When clinics are placed in a close-knit neighborhood, people tend to flock to these type places instead of big hospitals; they often feel comfortable in places such as a clinical setting because they become familiar with, trust, and often get to know the workers there on a personal basis instead of going to a big hospital and not knowing what physicians, nurses, or staff they are going to see when they are there. According to Dan Pellegrini, a judge of the Commonwealth court of Pennsylvania, when Blake was established as a nonprofit organization, it was chartered to carry out societal need not served by either government or for-profit enterprises. Blake was created to serve the medical needs of the community, especially those who could not receive much care elsewhere. If Blake opted to move from its neighborhood, it would be abandoning that societal mission. Safain states that when he closed his evening clinic and provided a bus service to other clinics in its place, patient visits fell off precipitously, especially among adult males. Some patients went to local clinics run by the county,
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