Managerial Functions: Plan, Organize, Lead, Control

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Functions of Management
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The Functions of Management There are four key components involved in effective management. The components are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Managers will be faced with multiple roles in their jobs; the roles they play are categorized as interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles. Interpersonal roles are multifaceted and are geared at the accomplishment of tasks through the efforts of others. Among the interpersonal roles managers encounter are leaders to their employees and as liaisons to persons and groups both internal and external. In informational roles, managers gather information from a variety of sources and distribute it through
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The development of this structure is achieved through organizing. In order to organize, managers have to think through all processes performed by employees and determine the structure to best carry out those processes. When organizing, management must determine the personnel that will be most effective to carry out the plans of the business. In addition, they must decide what equipment will be needed in order to achieve the company’s goals. They must also decide on the proper facilities for the implementation of their strategy. When organizing, managers should think ahead and consider all contingencies. Employee turnover can create problems because employees trained on the processes and systems must be replaced by new personnel with no training. Equipment and technology becomes dated and will over time become obsolete. Over time, facilities may need to be expanded to adapt to changes in the needs of the company (Bovee, Thill & Mescon, 2007). General Electric has faced difficulties similar to many large, multi-faceted companies. One of the main difficulties has been in the complex structure of the company. Operating multiple business segments, each containing multiple businesses has led to problems in developing strategies for growth and innovation. In July of 2008 Jeff Immelt, CEO, announced a complete restructuring of the company into four business segments. In announcing the change, Immelt stated that “we have structured the company to best
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