Managerial Functions & Roles

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Managerial Functions & Roles

Case Study “ Goerge Fisher Works to Turnaround Kodak”

a. Identify and categorize each of Fisher’s activities according to the four functions of management : planning, organizing, leading(influencing) and controlling.

Planning involves identifying tasks that must be performed in order to achieve organization goals, outlining how the task must be executed and the time suitable for the execution of tasks. Planning is important in determining the organizational success short term and long term future.

In turning around Kodak, Fisher has identified areas that Kodak is suffering in namely declining earnings, slow growth, heavy debt and a demoralized workforce. From here, Fischer planned a
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In addition, Fisher

Fisher realizes the importance of changing and managing the hierarchical organizational culture of Kodak which is ill suited to the compettion faced by Kodak. He is committed to break the rigid bureaucracy by improving communication, improve performance monitoring and reward performing employee.

Controlling is an ongoing process when management continually gather information, compare present performance, determine improvement required to achieve organizational goals.

Fisher sets realistics goals with his managers and makes it clear to them to track and monitor their progress and meet the goals. He also stressed the importance of accountability. Managers that missed their goals will be dealt with consequences.

Fisher is concerned with the time taken to do things, high costs per employee and the mammoth task in changing the culture of large company. Hence, continuous monitoring and control of the company progress is important.

b. Do you think Fisher possesses technical, human and conceptual skills? Show evidence

Yes, Fisher possesses technical, human and conceptual skills. Robert L. Katz indicated that three types of skills important for successful management performance are technical, human and conceptual skills. Having work as CEO at Motorola before coming to Kodak also indicates that Fisher has the technical, human and conceptual skills.

Technical skills involve the ability to apply specialized knowledge

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