Managerial Issues Associated with Managing an Organization’s Is Infrastructure

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* Managerial Issues Associated with Managing an Organization’s IS Infrastructure * * * Managing Information Technology has evolved just as the technologies have evolved. The usual basic managerial roles are in place involving people, equipment and processes. The process list is growing as well as the equipment list and maintenance requirements. The amount of resources to manage in the form of data has grown exponentially. Managers have to keep up to date with technologies as well as look into the future to be prepared for what’s next. (Şanlı, 2010) * Configuration management is mostly concerned with changes made to hardware, software, documentation, or anything that touches a system that may cause an issue. An up to …show more content…
It also defines their order of execution. The first is the problem identification and classifying as to scope of issue. Analysis is the second phase which includes planning for a design, implementation, testing and completion. The Design phase includes the modification to be made to the system and identifying modules that will be affected. It also includes the design of the testing and documentation updates. The Implementation phase is the actual coding, testing and integration into a production mirrored system. The Regression testing phase is to verify the requirements of the modifications have been met. It also involved performance and functionality testing. This is the phase before presentation to the customer. The Acceptance Testing phase is the testing that involves systems, users, anyone pre-identified as a consumer of the product. It includes all the testing in the Regression Testing phase with the customer involved. Delivery is the final phase. The modified package is released for installation. It includes performing the installation and training the customer. (Canfora & Cimitile, 2000) * There are several options for training and several can be offered to assure the end user and support staff is properly trained. Tutorials, computer based training modules and classroom type courses are among them. Training a local expert and providing expert level support to assist as

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