Managerial Perspective

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Personal Managerial Philosophy
A manager is essentially a person that gives direction, provides leadership and decides how to use resources to accomplish organizational goals (Daft, 2008). As a person having been in the workforce for almost twenty-five years, I can say with experience, that managers and the methods they use to obtain organizational goals can make the difference between success and failure of a project and even an organization. A managerial philosophy is something that all managers develop over time as a result of their experiences in the workplace. Over the last twenty years I have been exposed to a variety of business and managers that have helped me shape my personal managerial philosophies that I currently employ on
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Although I did not work as a manager right away, over the years I began to rise in the ranks and become a supervisor and team leader. I slowly began to shed some of my directness and started to listen more to fellow employees input and began to realize that teamwork and collaboration in the planning stages of a project was more productive than dictating. Instead of dictating to workers, I began to concentrate more on the involvement of the workers and how I could enhance their work through positive reinforcement and active input and training. This began to work well and it is something I continue to do to this day. As I progressed in the design field I began to teach part-time at a local professional training center in the area of design and that eventually led to my current position as a college administrator. This role is a much larger role than anything I have done in the past and it has many complex elements that are pushing me to use more diverse methods of management. The college I currently work for has been in business for almost twenty years and has recently acquired accreditation by the North Central Association. The school is privately owned and has been through several changes over the years that have created the exact structure and culture that drive it. The top managers in the organization are the President, The Provost and the Chief
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