Managerial Philosphy

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Management Philosophy Kevin Thomas Managerial Psychology PSYC603-E1WW Dr. Jeffrey Ferezan June 21, 2014 Management Philosophy Throughout this class we have been asked to examine, assess, question and search for beliefs, values, traits and personality styles. We have also learned how the brain plays a part in the reaction or direction one gives and receives, thus in my opinion has made the learning of management worthwhile, yet confusing. Over the years I have participated in many informal and formal courses that have introduced leadership, intelligence and personality tools that were to access ones style, attribute and I.Q. Needless to say, most of these tools were point on and at other times way off base. What I confidently…show more content…
My assumptions about people are that I believe many want to do what is right at all times but we are only humans. There are some that place themselves above others either in actuality or perceived in their minds and they are entitled to have the best at all cost or no cost. When I say at no cost I literally mean that these individuals will do anything to get ahead. But overall I assume that most individuals want to work hard, accomplish goals and receive acceptance of a job well done for superiors, peers and subordinates. My next assumption is in regards to work. I assume that everyone has fair and equal amounts of work and responsibility within their working unit, but I know this not to be true. From employees to managers the work is never distributed equally nor is it done to quality for everyone person. I also tend to see that managers tend to lean on their strong employees to get things done and not force the others to perform to the same standards. This is a great injustice to those employees because although they produce high quality work and take on extra tasks, they seem not to be rewarded for their efforts. My assumption about organization are mixed. I feel that organizations are more attention focused on the product and profit but not in that order. Most organization either sees red or black in the profit margin and people our last. Well on the other hand I’ve seen organizations place a great emphasis on
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