Essay about Managerial Problems With The Performance Review Process

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Managerial Problems with the Performance Review Process
Most employees do not look forward to performance reviews neither do managers like to give them. But in today's companies, performance reviews are a necessary tool. They are used to promote employees, to compensate for jobs well done, and most of all, to allow for the employee to know how well they perform. Due to poor performance reviews, many employees are terminated each year. Many of these terminations are contributed to poor decision making on the part of the manager performing the review.
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Managers need to allow for the performance of the employee to direct their decision making on the evaluations. If someone shows improvement, the performance review should reflect this. Too many times this is not the case. Some managers seem to display the attitude of once a bad employee, always a bad employee.
The third problem is that employees do not realize there is a problem until the yearly performance review. Good managers should observe the performance of the employee throughout the year and provide corrective feedback as soon as problems occur; not just once a year. If the employee is doing something that the manager finds unacceptable, and is not corrected, the employee will feel it is an acceptable action. A follow-up meeting should occur in the near future to allow the manager and employee to see how things are going after corrective feedback is given. The fourth problem is that managers are too vague about problems dealing with employees and that the employees were not really sure what to do to correct the problem. The manager must provide detailed feedback in order for the employee to correct the issue. The manager should focus on a single problem and work out a specific solution