Managerial Roles Approach and the Prominent Study of Henry Mintzberg and Some Empirical Studies Upon the Principals Work

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Hacettepe Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi Dergisi 13: 9-20 [1997} MANAGERIAL ROLES APPROACH AND THE PROMINENT STUDY OF HENRY MINTZBERG AND SOME EMPIRICAL STUDIES UPON THE PRINCIPALS WORK Berrin Burgaz. ABSTRACI ': The aims of this paper are to present the Managerial Roles Approach which is one of the ways used in analysing managerial work; to offer the results of Henry Mintzberg 's outstanding study in which he analysed the managerial work by using the descriptive research method and stmctured observation technique; to exhibit same findings of empirical studies carried out in the field of educational administration with the same method and technique. KEY WORDS: Managerial Roles Approach, The WorkActivity School, Managerial work in…show more content…
Prof. Dr. Berrin Burgaz, Hacettepe University, pervision, Planning and Eeonomics of Edueation. Departement of Edueational Scienees, Division of Edueational Administration, Su- 10 Berrin Burgaz J. of [Ed. 13 Figure 1. Approaches CHARACTERlSTICS/ CONTRIBımONS EMPIRICAL, to Management ILLUSTRATION LIMITATIONS OR CASE, APPROACH Studies experience through cases. Identifies successes and faHure Situations are all different. No attempt to identify principles. Limited value for developing management theory . INTERPERSONAL BEHAVIOUR APPROACH Ignores planning, organising and controlling. Psychological training is not enough to become an effective manager. GROUP BEHAVIOUR APPROACH Of ten not integrated with management concepts, principles, theory, and techniques. Need for doser integration with organisation structure design, staffing, planning and controlling. SOCIAl.. SYSTEMS APPROACH Focus on interpersonal behaviour, human relations, leadership and motivation. Based on individual psychology Emphasis on behaviour of people in groups. Based on sociology and social psychology. Primarily study of group behaviour patterns. The study of large groups is often called "organisation behaviour". FOCUS OF STUDY Study of a ,roup Study af "DU,,_ ını.r.etin, with Other CO-OPERATIVE Concerned with both interpersonal and group behavioural aspects leading to a system co-operation. Expanded

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