Managerial Roles Within the Functional Areas of a Business

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Managerial Roles within Functional Areas of Business Adriana Tovar For a business to succeed there are lots of things and people required but among the most important people needed, the managers are the most essential and can make a difference between losing money and making profit. Cieślińska describes a manager as “a person who fulfills the primordial managerial functions (planning, organizing, motivating and controlling) and is the superior of given human team” (2007). There are managers at various different levels in a hierarchy, some are in top-management, others in middle-management and many more are in first-line management (Cieślińska, 2007). To discuss managers within functional areas of a business is to discuss managers in…show more content…
A third functional area is Finance. This area handles the issues of “raising capital for the operations and ensuring sufficient revenue is generated to cover the cost of any finance raised”. Namely, the department is required to assure that the organization has enough money to run accurately(Jiang, 2009). Here a manager must make organizational decisions if there is not enough revenue coming in to the business. Financial cuts may have to take place and he/she must plan out how to return to a place of stability. The manager mostly shows disturbance handler role by improving the organization’s structure, responding to conflicts and eliminating disturbances and negative events in the enterprise; this manager also shows resource allocator role by choosing where the organization will expand its efforts, distributing limited resources in the organization and prioritizing tasks and procedures (Cieślińska, 2007). Lastly, top managers may be working within Human Resource Management. This manager is in charge of supervising the “training, recruitment and selection of new staff”. This manager is the one that goes through applicants’ resumes and schedules interviews. He or she then has to find new recruits’ strengths and weaknesses so as to place them where their strengths will mostly be beneficial to the organization. It is essential for this manager to be informed about
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