Managerial Skills and Functions

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Managerial and Supervisory Positions

How have you prepared yourself for this kind of position?
What have you been doing to keep up to date in your field?
How would you rate your level of expertise in [insert major function to be performed] compared with others in similar positions? Why do you rate yourself that way?
In which areas do you feel you need to upgrade your knowledge? Why do you feel that way?
What improvements did you introduce in your last position?
How good is your knowledge of [insert essential knowledge area]. Please briefly summarize that for me.
Tell me about the 2 or 3 biggest problems you have encountered in your work, and how you handled them.
What would you say are your 3 major strengths?
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If you had to choose between satisfying a [client/customer/member] and following policy, which would you choose?
Tell me how you would expect to spend your time in a typical day in this position?
What do you want to be doing 5 years from now?
If you had complete freedom of choice, what would you choose to be doing at this stage in your life?
What did you like best about your last job?
What did you like least about your last job?
What do you want to avoid in your next job?
Where do you see your career going in the longer run?
How did you get into this field?
Why did you select the educational program you chose?
Which courses did you like best?
Which courses gave you the most difficulty?
What do you enjoy most about being a manager?
What have been the major surprises you encountered in being a manager?
What are you doing to continue developing your management skills?
What are the qualities that make for a great manager?
Which work-related organizations have you joined?
What kinds of books and periodicals do you read?
How do you spend your leisure time?
If you had it to do over again, would you take the same [education/career path]? Why/Why not?
What is your definition of success?
Who has exercised the greatest influence on you? What did you learn from her/him?
For what kind of organization can you do your best work?
What are the qualities that make for a great
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