Managerial Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Classroom

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Managerial Strengths; Area of Concern There are several different ways a teacher can run his or her classroom, but if you don’t find the right approach for you it will never be successful. There are nine different way to manage a classroom Authoritarian, Authoritative, Intimidation, Permissive, Cookbook, Instructional, Behavioral Modification, Socioemotional Climate, and Group Process. When deciding what management, styles is best for you one must abjectly look at all the facts about each teaching style and say this is the kind of teacher I want to be and this is how I want my classroom to run. In this paper, I will talk about my management style, what concerns me the most about teaching, how I am going to overcome those fears, what I am…show more content…
Teach life lessons it is important to teach students why it is import that they try their best in school and study hard (Ferlazzo, 2012). The most difficult aspect of classroom management during my first year of teaching will be knowing what the classroom rules are, also where does the boundaries for the rules lie and what are the realistic expectations for my students. As a new teacher, I will be the one enforcing the rules and having a clear boundary about when to enforce the rules and when to let the rule slide will be very beneficial to me as a first-year teacher, for example how much talking in the classroom is allowed and when. As far as real expeditions go should a student be allowed to move around the room during instruction or is a real expectation that they can sit still for the instruction part of the lesson. Besides clear boundaries and realistic expectation on rules there is no other part of classroom management that concerns me at this time. Growing up I spent more time paying attention to the teacher and how she was directing class that what she was actually teaching because of my dyslexia and how much I dislike learning. So in turn I became very family with how the classroom ran and what needed to be done that the actually learning taking place. I will handle knowing what the rules are for students, what the boundaries for the rules are and
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