Managers Can Assist Employees with Career Development Essay

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Managers Can Assist Employees with Career Development Managers can assist employees with career development through creating a strategic plan that enhance employees’ capabilities to efficiently carry out work related tasks. Managers can oversee training that leads to effectiveness and high success rates of transfer of training. As a manager with career development as a focus you want to optimize performance and reinforce the employee's ability to take on broader responsibilities which can ultimately lead to career advances that are both beneficial for the organization and the employee. Managers make the decision of who needs training and in what areas training is needed, because employee training needs must be aligned with…show more content…
(Pagliarini, 2007) Career development is a commitment that should be equally understood by both employees and the organization. The realization of the importance of career development by organizations it will foster the essence of a learning organization that offers opportunities to its employees for growth. These opportunities may be in the form of tuition reimbursement programs, counseling services, career pathing, and training. Training and mentoring are effective tools that managers can utilize to assist employees with career development. Training programs that are designed to coincide with projected career development plans are track able and measurable with correlations to enhance the employees’ abilities that increase quality of performance. The outcomes of training provide the data necessary for managers to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Data from training programs give managers a general idea of what content in the program was effective for ineffective. Managers or trainers can modify training program content in order to have a more comprehensive and effective program that renders a successful training outcome with high rates of training transfer. Managers can assist new recruits and existing employees to reach new plateaus in their career by assigning mentors. Mentors can prove to be invaluable sources of motivation, and support.

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