Managers Or Leaders For Hospitality Industry Face Diverse Challenges Today Challenges And Changing Environment

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Managers or leaders in hospitality industry face diverse challenges in today challenges and changing environment. They represent a kind of bridge bringing closer people in workplace and involve the ability to reach the business’s goals and success. While multitudes of researches show that managers or leaders exhibit of certain traits alone does not guarantee leadership success, there are some key characteristics that draw an effective leader: drive, charismatic, inspirational motivation, intellectually stimulate, individualize consideration, contingent rewards and management by exception. Leadership is a quality hidden that certain people are endowed with at birth. Leadership is an indispensable ability of the leader to influence to…show more content…
These five aspects show that certain trait alone do not guarantee leadership success. Leaders, who have the achievement trait, engages the passion to complete challenging tasks, attaining standards of excellence and drive individual team members from inner levels. High achievers obtain establishing a set or a system of technical expertise regarding the significance due to which the results are to be achieved. Achievement in hospitality allow establishment to improve the profit as well as business goal. Intercontinental goals are focusing on making their brands as the first choice for guests and hotel owners. Similarly, Hilton goal is “the preeminent global hospitality company”. Moreover, Walt Disney – the founder of Walt Disney Production has been described as a “dogged determination to succeed” (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991), brings us to another important trait: ambition. Some researches define ambition as a strong desire to achieve, the persistent and generalized striving for success. This differs from the high-achievement people because ambitious people value more the rewards of their competencies in task performance and this allows leaders to perform hard and challenging goals for themselves. The third aspect of drive trait is energy. The effective leader is capable of working in conditions that are ranked among complex situations and long working hours. This not only requires individual to have physically strong but also
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