Managers Should Do Everything They Can To Enhance The Job Satisfaction Of Their Employees

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The notion that employee job satisfaction should be a top priority for managers has been one of much debate. Although managers have many roles in organizations, their most important purpose is to manage their organizations in a way that can maximize profits. Thus, investing time, effort and money in ensuring that employees are satisfied in only worthwhile if it results in higher productivity and profitability for the firm.
Early theorist analyzed that increased profitability should increase with an increase in job satisfaction while later studies emerged to refute the existence of any significant relationship between the two variables. However, various literatures has more recently emerged drawing attention to the
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Early theorists such as Likert, Mayo, and McGregor theorized that employee satisfaction is related to organizational performance. The common sense logic of this relationship can be explained by viewing the job satisfaction - performance relationship as "a social exchange in which employees that are accorded some manner of social gift would experience satisfaction and feel an obligation to reciprocate perhaps in the form of increased productivity"(Organ). On the flip side of this relationship, it is predicted that dissatisfied workers would be less willing than satisfied workers to give their service whole heartedly to their organization and produce up to their maximum potential, but instead have a tendency work at a minimum acceptable level.
Over the last 40 or so years however, the job satisfaction - performance relationship has come under attack due to its failure to produce strong and unambiguous results in favor of any appreciable relationship between high productivity and job satisfaction.
The conflict arises due to the fact that there is no agree upon definition for productivity. Whereas critics use the traditional definition of productivity, supporters of the performance-job satisfaction model encompass citizen behavior in the definition of performance which also denotes "helpful, constructive gestures
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