Managers Should Stick to Leading and Directing. Facilitation Has No Place in Management

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„Managers should stick to leading and directing. Facilitation has no place in management.”

Is facilitation really not needed and wanted in management? In the following pages I will discuss the validity of this statement with its pros and cons.

Historical evolution of management thought

If we go back in history we are shown how managers became what they are now. They use basically the same techniques and have the same principles managers from decades back had already.

Management and leadership have always played a role in very old institutions for instance the church and the army. Leadership qualities such as leading others, being composed, confident and resilient were and are typical for those institutions. Furthermore those
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Successful companies even show that systematic training and motivation for their employees not only pay off socially but also economically. These companies have less absences and labour turnover rates than comparable companies in the same branch that don’t train their employees. Furthermore their workers show a higher motivation and innovation input.

Looking at it internationally a “standardized” management style has many advantages. For one thing it makes the behaviour of bosses towards staff more judgeable (for the staff) and for another thing it leads to more fairness. That means that situations are managed similarly in different functions and departments. Through that, communication and cooperation with each other is way easier. Demotivating feelings of iniquitousness don’t even come up.

Of course internationally as nationally there are all sorts of managerial styles. It goes from the authoritative style where the boss gives orders without explanations to the cooperative style where there are mutual agreements between superior and employee. Also the laissez-faire or the autonomic style where the decisions and responsibilities are to a great extent or even completely up to the employee. But leading also depends on the circumstances and the situation in which leading takes place. For instance the company structure, the organization, the corporate culture, the personality of the employee and the boss and the

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