Managers ' Worst Mistakes At Staffing

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In all organizations, there is continuous recruitment process or replenishment of workforce as long as there is shortage of staff to ensure that the operations proceed uninterrupted. It is true that as the organization develops or in case an employee is dismissed, dies or abandons duty, there is compelling need for additional staff. Replenishing the workforce has many stages, which have to be followed. However, in the process also there are two major criteria’s of selection. Organizations use different methods of assessment. The article to be used in this discussion is “Executives’ Worst Mistakes in Staffing”, by McCoy published in 2010. Therefore, this essay discusses the article 's main premise and evaluates the premise, concept or…show more content…
The next stage is the interview. During this stage, an applicant is given a chance to explain to the qualification he or she has. Here in the interview, the ethical codes are also assessed (McCoy, 2010). This is in terms of the behaviors a person possesses. The interview involves the question and answers whereby from the response the interviewers will be able to judge the credibility of the interviewee. After the interview process, the next stage is the evaluation stage. This is done through the evaluation of the results got from the interview to check on the most qualified candidates. Then, a report is given on how the assessment was done and how the conclusion was reached (McCoy, 2010). Finally, the qualified workers are given their positions to work. The author agreed that during replenishing the workforce, the process must be very detailed and transparent to ensure that only competent people are added to the existing team of workers. In terms of methodology, the one that is heavily relied on is the personal interviews because the panel of interviewers will be able to evaluate the candidate face to face to determine his/her competence. According to Burkholder, Edwards & Sartain (2004), the written curriculum vitae are also relied on because it provides detailed information about the applicants. In terms of conceptual framework, the concept that the author uses to explain the process of replenishing the workforce is Competency
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