Managing A Business It's All About Total Quality Management

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“The Art of the Start” was a book I was to read and do a research paper, but not only was this my project, but an eye opener on how to get started on managing a business it’s all about total quality management. A partnership isn’t always easy, but as long as you put an effort on building your business, you and your partner will always have a good approach for quality improvement, great communication with your partner and organization. Making a partnership work is hard work but the outcome is that the quality of your organization is better and greater revenue. Having great communication skills with your customers and organization will boost your chances of your business succeeding. Active listening plays a big role in your business success. You will need to listen to the needs and wants of your customers and employees. When thinking about advertising your company appearance is always the first thing a customer sees. So it’s always better to overdress than underdress. When you start the branding part of your business always remember the four Ps of marketing: place, price, and promotion. Total quality management there are several variations this are some of the way to have a quality improvement in your business. A good way is for everyone within an organization to take responsibility and take action for emphasizes the need for long-term care and continuous improvement. Other ways for one to have quality improvements is to use six sigma and empower of employees. Six sigma is
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