Managing A Change Management Strategy The Company Will Use The Stakeholder Circle

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Senior managers have managed to involve stakeholders in the change process and have identified issues experienced by guests by first meeting with the necessary teams to discuss how this process will help to strategize the changes ahead. In order to develop a change management strategy the company will use the Stakeholder Circle, developed in Australia by a German consultancy company, Tiba Managementberatung GmbH (Bourne, 2009). The Stakeholder Circle methodology provides a five-step process to identify, prioritize, visualize, engage, and communicate with the “stakeholders that matter,” and finally monitor the effectiveness of that communication. CURRENT SITUATION • Negative reviews from repeat guest business on key system • De-motivated staff whom get the reviews first from off property guest • Staff feels pressures from management as department scores have fallen • Staff unhappy as the may feel overworked • Staff not being recognized for their efforts • Current system fail consistently leaving staff to deal with irate guest • Feedback from staff to enhance service of product may be voiced down-Staff may not feel their views are appreciative The five steps are outlined below; Step 1: Identify all stakeholders and document their expectations Step 2: Prioritize Step 3: Visualize the key stakeholders, mapping each stakeholder relative importance, power, and influence Step 4: Engage through understanding each stakeholder attitude to the project and develop targeted

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