Managing A City 's Health Benefits

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Managing a City’s Health Benefits In management positions, critical decisions are made every day, and these decisions affect many. However, some of the decisions made by the directorate personnel are inconvenient for the people that affect it. Moreover, city officials face this decision often when budget cut occur, and resources are scarce. This problem is being faced by a city in which they can no longer afford to pay for self-insure the employees’ health insurance benefits. This paper is going to explain the situation and the decision that the city is going through. Moreover, this document will discuss the satisfiers and dissatisfiers cause by the decision taken. As well, this paper will also analyze if the city should take into consideration the workers view on their decision since the state laws are not labor friendly. Also, this article will take the view of the workforce and analyze if striking is an option and what would be the consequences of doing it. Lastly, this document will choose one of the two approaches to organizational change, and it will describe why that approach would be useful for this scenario.
Problem, Satisfiers, and Dissatisfiers In a city where all the personnel are public servants is critical to maintaining and spend the city budget adequately. Moreover, sometimes city need to cut expenses from an area that affect the workers. Therefore, the city officials sometimes face the decision on personnel cuts or even reducing the workers benefits. The…
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