Managing A Diverse Workforce Assists

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Managing a diverse workforce assists in creating a vivacious and assorted business team with opportunities and challenges for people of all aptitudes and experiences, besides host country nationals. In addition, by managing a diverse workforce assists in the facilitation of change in a country’s normal operating business practices. According to Hofstede’s dimensions of culture model, one could better understand the challenges faced by multinational managers in regards to human resource management, leadership style, motivational assumptions, decision-making, organizational design, and how culture can affect strategy implementation (Cullen & Parboteeah, 2014, p. 52). Furthermore, one can imagine how important manger actions and behavior are in educating future business leaders on how important it is to have a global mindset (“Social,” 2014). Lastly, although some consider the challenges mentioned obstacles, one could also consider finding opportunities in learning and progressing as a manager by being flexible and knowledgeable about different business possibilities and styles.
Main Issues Classified as Opportunities and Challenges Global managers may face a multitude of opportunities and challenges of managing a diverse workforce. Considering Hofstede’s dimensions of national culture, one could imagine anyone outside the considered norm would have issues. Managers could overcome those issues if he or she was knowledgeable about power distance, uncertainty…
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