Managing A Diverse Workforce

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The topic that I’m choosing is Chapter 17, “Managing a Diverse Workforce.” Although there is an improvement in the diversity in the workforce, there is still room for change. Businesses have made many changes to help enforce the laws that were passed regarding diversity in the workforce. Women have been integrated into the workforce and there also have been many immigrants from other countries that have been given a new start to the workforce in the United States. Laws of equal opportunity have been made to help increase the workforce diversity. The goal for full equality of women and persons of color in the workplace has not been fully met; however, the United States’ workforce has made a lot of progress. Diversity is when a person is…show more content…
There has also been a demand to increase women in the workforce because of more “women-like” jobs. Another problem that arose is the pay gap, which is when women and people of color are being paid less than white men. “The percentage of female earnings has never exceeded 74% of male wages annually.” Between 1978 and 1999 the weekly earnings of women full-time workers increased from 61 percent to 76.5 percent of men 's earnings. However, the ratio appears to have plateaued in the mid-1990s. There are any differences in the treatment of men and women. They arise from average differences between the two groups in the expected value of productivity. Sometimes women leave jobs to start a family so companies do not want to waste their resources training women who may eventually leave. They do not want the responsibility of having to pay someone for a medical leave if a woman gets pregnant. They also will realize that eventually she will need to start working less or taking more days off because of her child or children. Which is completely normal, however, people do not see it as so. The glass ceiling is responsible for women and minorities not being able to achieve what they are capable of. A glass ceiling is an invisible barrier. For many of the years, women were not put in jobs that require top executives such as management and that is why many of them have not accumulated the
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