Managing A Diverse Workforce, Sexual Harassment, And Human Resource Management

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Introduction to the topic The reading for this assignment covered human resource management. The chapter provided an introduction and overview of the importance of human resources in an organization. Human resource managers are responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and developing employees. A critical organizational function for human resource management is selecting the right employees coupled with onboarding and training. Additionally, the human resource manager and staff work to ensure all laws and regulations are established and followed to protect both the organization and individual employee. A human resource department is highly important function to an organization. The human resource department and managers have a multitude of critical duties to perform from an internal, external, and legal perspective. The fulfillment of their duties has direct impact on the organizations success. Three Concepts. Group 4 concluded the three concepts that are most important concepts from chapter 7 to an organization are the challenges of managing a diverse workforce, sexual harassment, and human resource training and development. Managing a Diverse Workforce. Managing workplace diversity is an important requirement for managers and the organization. Issues regarding workplace diversity should be addressed openly along with policies designed to protect employees (Satterlee, 2013). All employees must be treated with respect and professionalism, and be able to use their
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