Managing A General View About Fph 's Development

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4 Director’s report The director’s report provides an overview of the operation of FPH. The information related is consistent with s. 299 and s. 300 of the Corporations Act. The following analysis is based on the content of director’s report. Through this report the investors can establish a general view about FPH’s development in the financial year 2014. 4.1 Review of the operation & significant changes According to the corporations act s. 229 (1) (a), FPH has provided a review of operation achievements and 2014 business highlights. The data from the report present that FPH’s performance in financial year 2014 is excellent. The company has maintained the rising trend of operation revenue. The operating profit is reported to be $623.4 million. This number is 12% higher than prior financial year. Additionally, the net profit after tax was 97.1million, which has an increase of 26% on previous year. 4.1.1World market In this financial year, FPH has a good performance in worldwide. Actually, the major market of the FPH is outside New Zealand. The company now has 27 direct sales operations all over the world and can sale their products to 123 countries. The biggest market of FPH is North American, which contributed 42% of revenue. However Asian, as a new market has experiencing a quick growth. In this year, Asian has become a third biggest market for FPH, and offered 19% of revenue. As the director reported about 99% of FPH’s operating revenue is derived from outside New
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