Managing A Global Business With Offices

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Topic 1 : Managing a global business with offices in several countries Introduction Excellent cross-cultural skills are relevant in managing businesses with offices in different countries. Expansion of the business environment to various geographic locations that span numerous cultures is at times difficult (Kehoe 2011, p 63). However, understanding how to communicate effectively with individuals who use a different language is of great importance. New marketplaces are opening up as a result of modern technology and the internet. It is making businesses to expand to new geographic locations that possess new culture. Cross-cultural communication has become the new norm of essentially interacting with people remotely. Electronic information makes it easier to work with individuals in another country like working with someone in a closer location. Although English seems to be a global language, incomprehension arises sometime between individuals from different English-speaking nations. Cross-cultural communication is thus effective to bridge such gaps. Cross-cultural communication skills development is thus essential and not limited to observing other individual cultures and effective communication skills. The paper evaluates the necessary skills in cross cultural management of a global business. Key Cultural Cross-Communication Skills Knowledge is the important aspect that enhances cross-cultural communication skills. Understanding potential problems related to

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