Managing A Global Enterprise Wide Project

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There are many items to take into consideration when managing a global enterprise wide project; after spending the last eight weeks working towards what it means to be a project manager of such an assignment we have come up with 10 tasks that must be met for successful project completion. They are as follows in no particular order; Define the team structure, work process, and communication channels- Management must prepare an infrastructure for effective functional teamwork and technology transfer. This includes properly defined interfaces, task responsibilities, reporting relations, communication channels, and work transfer procedures. Most of the tools for describing the work process and team structure originate from the conventional…show more content…
o Performance. PBM makes key performance indicators and related metrics for strategy and business objective accomplishments and for project / program / portfolio performance. o Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) Functionality. The EPMO sustains an enterprise level focus in order to achieve all approved non-operational business objectives and relevant strategies. The EPMO is organizationally an equal player in company politics and executive power. o Sizing. The PBM methodology and model are able to adjust to various enterprise sizes. Build a high-performance image- Project teams with a clear sense of purpose and confidence in their mission can perform better. This is true for any environment. A high-performance image stimulates the team’s interest, pride of participation, and sense of ownership. Common goals and shared positive images serve as a bridging mechanism and help to unify the team across the miles and cultures. The organization’s goals and its mission objectives should be clearly understood by all stakeholders. By establishing and sharing a favorable project image, project managers can unify their team, build commitment toward realizing the project’s objectives, and establish high project priority (Thamhain). Behind high-performance teams exists a story of commitment. As any real team, a high-performance team must
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