Managing A Global Team : Greg James At Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc.
As illustrated in the article, “Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems,Inc. (A)”, managing a global team is an intricate task that requires special and specific skills (Neely & Delong, 2009). You being the Global Manager at Sun Microsystems you are facing an immense amount of issues that commenced with a crisis with HS Holding. Greg, it is clear you have exposed a deeper issue at HS Holdings. This reveling issue has become high priority and it showed by your statement to Lawry the Vice President of Sun Microsystems, “the issues are more complex than I realized” (Neely & Delong, p.4, 2009). You have realized that there are complex interpersonal problems that might have been overlooked previously. These social relationship problems have strongly impacted daily operations and meeting the goal of the team. As a leader, you have an enormous task Greg. You need to see the underlying problem and eliminate dysfunction within the team and move forward.
The first challenge you ran into was that your team is not able to establish communication between each other. We all know communication is key within any team and your team had a lack of communication. There was also a lack of trust. It is imperative that the time be able to trust one another especially for a virtual team,
“is even more critical than in traditional collocated teams” (Hill, 2010, p.248). Lack of trust mainly happens because of the…
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