Managing A Global Team : Greg James At Sun Microsystems, Inc. Team 5

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Case Study
Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Team 5: Ailing Guo - Andrey Kozyrev - Anjana Pandathil - Marcus Dehne - SreeVardhan
Beeram Reddy
1. Introduction
Sun Microsystems is an extremely large and complicated business that is not easily lead and managed. The immense amount of responsibility that Sun Microsystems undertakes in its services to clients has to be kept with honor and with as few errors as possible. Sun’s corporate clients rely on their software to run offices, accounting, and to hold entire businesses together. Many millions of dollars depend on daily performance of
Sun’s software, therefore it is imperative that the quality control and troubleshooting capabilities of Sun’s technical support force are top-notch.
The problem that has been described in the case is a vivid example of Sun’s technical support failure and the dysfunctional nature of the international IT support team, managed by Greg James. The company failed to uphold its quality standards, resulting in a major breakdown in the services provided to HS Holdings. Not only has the team let their customers down and made them furious about a considerable money loss, but they also failed to address the problem immediately to prevent further losses. Only after 2 hours of downtime the servers went back online and the service team was finally notified about the issue. Still, the origin of the problem could not be tracked immediately due to the lack of insight into the task…
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