Managing A Project From Start For Finish ( Rennekamp & Nall )

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Focus Group
There are several ways of conducting information sections to gather responses that would help manage a project from start to finish(Rennekamp & Nall, 2009). Different people use different approaches to gather information but the cost-effective approach would be an emerging trend known as Focus Group Interview(Willis, Green, Daly, Williamson, & Bandyopadhyay, 2009).

Focus Group can be defined as a group of individuals brought together, led by a moderator or a facilitator, to gather specific information from the interactions of the group about an subject(Marczak & Sewll). The motive behind this process is that, the individuals in the group can express and elucidate their views in a very simple manner(Sim, 1998) on a very
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• Individuals with past experience with the issue under discussion or questioning
• The number of participants ideal for the interview
Selection of participants can be done through nominations, volunteering, random selection and so on. Normally, moderators would use which of the criteria applies to the task under study.
Once the selection has been completed, the moderator calls the participants-to-be to confirm their participation and later send them an email to be sure of their attendance.

Moderator Selection and Role
Selecting a moderator who is capable of handling the affairs of the focus group is a very tedious task(NOAA, 2009). Normally people think the task of a moderator is not difficult. The fact is, to be a moderator, there are certain skills like time management, leadership and flexibility that would enable the effectiveness and control of the group.
The moderator should be someone who can listen with great intent and show emotional intelligence when necessary.

The role of the moderator is to welcome all participants, assist them in filling up pre-group paperwork and assist with name tents if any. The moderator has the responsibility of balancing the inputs and outputs from the
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