Managing A Staff Of 16 Hr Professionals

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By July 2015, I accept a promotion job offer as Director, Staffing Policy & Compensation (SP&C), Supervisory Human Resources Specialist with U.S. Customs & Border Protection, Human Resources Management. This is my current position where I serve as the agency advocate, policy expert and liaison and plan, direct, and oversee the management of human resources in support of program goals and objectives. I implement and evaluate the agency 's plans, procedures and initiatives relative to policies affecting human capital programs and pay systems, while interpreting regulations on complex HR issues. I assess potential impact and precedent-setting implications of staffing, compensation and classification legislative on new or revised policies. I manage a staff of 16 HR professionals who are responsible for collaborating with management and various offices to provide advisory, consultation and subject matter expertise related to staffing and compensation policy. I conducted and training others the effective methods to expand the knowledge based of hiring managers on pay flexibilities, expand the awareness briefings to high level officials, contributed to the context of legislative proposals of federal government pay flexibilities, such as recruitment and retention incentives to best attract and retain well qualified applicants or employees in difficult to occupy positions. By October 2015 (a short 3 months later), I was given additional functional program responsibilities to
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