Managing A Successful Fashion Brand Essay

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Managing a Successful Fashion Brand
As a brand manager it is important to understand the role of a creator of a brand when partnering in a business relationship. A brand manager working specifically in the fashion industry is responsible for ensuring the success of a designer’s product line with its consumers. They are known as the point-person for developing, implementing, and executing marketing initiatives and activities for their brand. (Brand Manager Job Description | Paladin Staffing). Learning about how a brand is created and what is necessary for a brand to succeed is important in the world of marketing. The relationship between a brand manager and the creator of a brand is imperative in the success of a particular brand. Understanding what the creator of a brand has done before implementing a plan of action could determine how successful a brand will be in the future as the brand manager works to “ensure products, services and product lines resonate with current and potential customers.” (Brand Manager Job Description | Paladin Staffing)
Creating a Brand
Connections are important when breaking into the fashion industry. When creating any form of a business most people have the support of family members or investors to help them hit the ground running. While it is not common some people choose to work their way up the ladder of success within the industry before creating a business of their own. In Lauren Sherman’s article on she wrote that 98%
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