Managing Accountability Paper

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Manage Accountability

Nena Davis

Public Budgeting/ACC574

December 12, 2011

Pamela Scales

Manage Accountability

Public administrators across the United States of America strive to provide its’ citizens with programs and amenities for various purposes. Legislators create and enact programs such as the Community Development Block Grant Program that give a positive impact to individuals by creating jobs and rehabilitating poverty stricken neighborhoods that not only provide a community with hope but also stimulate economic growth of the economy. Local, state, and federal governments also provide its citizens with advantages of amenities such as recreational activities, upgrading of water
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The funding was taken from Baltimore’s local county highway improvement project. The funding reallocation creates two major problems for Baltimore. The first problem is that city commuters use the local highway daily to get to work. Secondly, funding for the Baltimore’s rapid bus service to transport commuters to the city no longer exist and therefore increasing traffic congestion. Commuters now have to endure increasing traffic congestion because more cars are on as road that cannot improve because funding was given to another project.

Comparing the financial cost of the interstate with the cost of having to reallocate funding or stopping programs in an effort to decrease traffic congestion will create a greater economic downturn if not done in moderation as well as a decrease in confidence in lawmakers. The lawmakers will feel the decrease in confidence by citizens during elections. Unless the local government can generate and use other sources of revenue to continue highway improvement, the decision to remove the city’s funding is not practical.

Revenue Sources

Baltimore is no different than any other metropolitan city trying to close the gap between its resources and meeting the needs of the city. In past years the city’s major source of resources came from state and federal funding to finance projects such as road improvements. Because the increasing economic stress has begun to diminish the
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