Managing Across Culture

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Managing across culture
Globalization makes the world become to be a big family. More and more international company appears in the social. While in the same times, people from different countries or different culture start to work together. How to make the staffs from different culture to work together become a core problem facing by the company. By facing the conflict and difference between different culture, to find out a way to effectively manage across culture become more helpful to the company. According to Hofstede (1980), he point out in Economic Integration, all the company around the world is to find out the way how to meet the need of the market and satisfied their customers. To have the effective strategies, we
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In the individualistic societies, people are more emphasis their own achievement and initiative. (John, 1980). On the contrast, people form collectivist countries are rely on information provide by others. People are belonging to the group. Group benefits are more important than their own needs. They have their own responsibility to their organization. Japan is a typical collectivism country, while America represents an individualist country. According to the differences in these two cultures, in the organization, managers have to use different management strategies to effectively manage the term. In the collectivist countries, the managers are encouraging the employees taking part in decision making. So it needs longer time to make a decision, but for the decision implement, it takes shorter time, because every member involved in the decision making, they can clearly know the aim and the context of the task.. So the manager should more positively, more frequencely, more widely, and more deeply interact with the group members, in this way, group interacting influence, teamwork and favoritism will be stronger than in IND culture. But in the individualism
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