Managing Across Cultures Summary Chapter 1 Till 9

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CS2 Chapter one – The Undertow Of Culture
Our argument is that culture is the most neglected part of management; culture matters. Converging cultures  While everyone starts growing into the same habits, culture is hard to be detected. In large cities however people with different cultures get together (NYC).  Management is not just a set of principles and techniques than can be universally applied. It is different in every country and culture depending on its habits.  The argument is due to an economic or technological lag. Convergence is supported by management educations. National pride can stop or prevent foreign occupation due to the desire to develop their own style of management. By comparison, the difference in management
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When interpretation hits closer to home, and plans for action can then be formulated together. This is sometimes referred to as action or clinical research. To discover the meaning of culture an action-based approach is necessary. The framework given serves to integrate different definitions of culture as well as to provide tools for discovering culture. It organizes meanings of culture as behavior, artifact, values and beliefs, as systems of meaning and as ways of knowing, going from the most accessible to that which can only be inferred.

Architecture and design  Architecture and design hint at the underlying assumptions regarding internal integration.  Greeting rituals are not to be overlooked by their importance.  Formality is expressed by greeting with their last names, the formal version of ‘you’ and titles.  Making contact, dress codes, written versus verbal contracts are important. Beliefs and values  There are different criteria for success and they differ in who is the most important: the customers, the employees or the stakeholders? But what is management exactly? A popular job-orientated and pragmatic definition is ‘getting things done through other people’. A people-orientated definition is ‘developing people through work’.  Beliefs about who is the right manager, what is management and what constitutes success are ultimately linked to values which indicate what is considered to
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