Managing Activities and Achieving Results

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Outcome 1: Evaluate the importance of business process in delivering outcomes based upon business goals and objectives 3
Outcome 2: Developing plans for areas of responsibility 5
Outcome 3: Quality 7
Outcome 4: Health and Safety in the work place 10
Outcome 5: Operational Plans 11
References 13

1. A. GE culture is highly influenced by the factor of innovation. This can be considered as the prime reason for its existence over such a long period of time along with maintaining present level of goodwill in the market. This can be best represented by handy model as this model laid its focus over
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3. Management by Objectives is the approach that is followed only when objectives set by the organization are extremely explicit in nature, thus all the initiatives can be taken in accordance to those objectives. This might create problematic situations for GE in future as it has done sometimes if certain flexibility is retained in goals and there is no scope of flexibility left in case of management. Thus it should be followed in a highly specific manner to make positive use of this particular tactic.
4. Smart objectives are referred to those when all the aspects of objective are highly clear in terms of final goal. This can be stated with the help of an example that a particular product of GE will be launched on 30th June, 2010 and it will be able to attain its break even point by 15th December, 2010. Above mentioned goals are termed as smart as they are extremely precise in nature, thus acts as an asset for the organization. It may also leave a negative impact over organization’s market value if commitment is not fulfilled on time. Thus this aspect is of high risk as well as high gain.
5. Customer is the whole and sole for an organization without which an organization is unable to take care of its fundamental functioning. Thus GE laid special attention over customers and their

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