Managing An Event ' S Operations

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Managing an Event`s Operations

Event operations are concerned with the implementation of the plans that have been made prior to an event and are key to achieving the organisation`s objectives. The aim of this writing is to discuss the approaches to the event operation process. There are four main parts to the writing, followed by a conclusion. Firstly , there will be definitions of strategic and operational planning and the relationship between the two , followed by definitions of risk and how it relates to health and safety and how these are managed in the events industry.
The third part will focus on the importance of sound financial planning and the role of budgeting
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Bladen et al (2012:79 ) ,state that, “ Operational planning takes place after the strategic plans have been put in place .” and say that these are a set of plans which detail the skills and resources needed to manage an event.
This is supported by O`Toole (2011:253) who says , “ Event operations are concerned with the day-to –day management of an event and include the implementation , control and administration of the planning process. The operations of the event are the attendee`s main experience . The site, the logistics and the programme are the areas of concern .” O`Toole adds that operations result from decisions made by management long before the event occurs. Bladen et al (2012) define the planning stage as involving developing a concept, carrying out a feasibility study ,choosing a venue and considering the event design . O`Toole (2011:264 ) also stresses the importance of the feasibility study with an action as a result of the study ,saying, “This is whether or not it should lead to an event” .
Then action plans can be created from the strategies to form detailed operational plans to include the number of planned attendees ,timings and space required. This might include single-use plans for non-recurring events
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