Managing An Overwhelmed Staff

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Managing an Overwhelmed Staff

One issue regarding nursing leadership and management is how to help staff manage work complexity and stress. In health care there is an association between the quality of patient care, staff satisfaction and effective nursing leadership. Nursing is constantly evolving and nurses take on a significant level of responsibility with hardly any control of workload or work environment. This leads to high levels of stress amongst nurses. An overwhelmed staff leads to an increased possibility of compromised patient care and safety. With the number one nursing priority and goal being patient safety, this is a significant nursing management issue. As a case manager or team leader, the main responsibility is to manage the team, ensure the staff is satisfied, and promote safe and effective patient care.
Healthcare professionals work together to develop interdisciplinary care for patients. The director oversees the management of the case managers and in turn, the case managers supervise the work of both licensed and vocational nurses and aids. Leadership style is associated with reduced levels of occupational stress (Clegg, A., 2001). Furthermore, transformational leadership has been proven to provide “several positive organizational outcomes in nursing (job satisfaction, productivity, etc.) and has already been positively linked to safety performance “(Lievens, I., Vlerick, P. ,2014). Transformational Leadership, according to the American Association
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