Managing And Analyzing Big Data

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Managing and analyzing big data is a huge task for all organizations of all sizes and across all industries. If a business’s plan to implement a data management tools there is a need for a more realistic way of capturing information about their customers, products, and services. Mining data is often in the terabytes and organizations need to be able to quickly analyze that data and then pull appropriate information needed to make managerial decisions. Further, with the insurgence of social media, smart devices and click-stream, data is generated daily on global networks through interactions. The use of data management technologies allow a company to interface unstructured data and structured data to gleam information that is usable for business managers to make sound business decisions, improve sales and to decrease operating costs. Big data integration and analysis has evolved for organizations to store, manage, and manipulate vast amounts of data then provide the appropriate information when it’s needed to meet business objectives.
Big data is an element that allows companies to leverage high volume data effectively and not in isolation. Big data needs to be quickly accessible and have the ability to be analyzed. Data stores or warehouses are one way data is managed that is persistent, protected and available as long as the data is needed. The forefather to data stores is relational data bases, relational data bases put in place decades ago are still in use today…
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