Managing And Maintain Plant Assets

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Key Concept With increased globalized trade, consumer quality and service demands, rising costs, and shorter product life cycles, premature production equipment breakdowns can directly affect costs and a firm’s ability to deliver. Within the broader lean process improvement philosophy, total productive maintenance (TPM) is a proactive concept to manage and maintain plant assets. The goal of TPM is to decrease or mitigate equipment downtime and optimize its availability, reliability, and cost. With a variety of tools and techniques, TPM focuses on lifecycle maintenance practices and processes to minimize breakdowns, work stoppages, and reduced efficiency. The curiosity in this concept stems from its use at a previous organization. The…show more content…
Where competitiveness can influence operations, attaining operation performance excellence is a determinant of efficient and effective processes. In this regard, equipment and machines are main contributors to operational performance (Modgil & Sharma, 2016). Problematic, machines breakdowns create untimely work stoppages, lower asset availability, increase work in progress inventory, and inject uncertainty regarding repair time (Hooi & Leong, 2017; Modgil & Sharma, 2016). Likewise, deteriorating equipment, inoperable machines, high equipment downtime, and inadequate maintenance practice can result in a competitive disadvantage (Hooi & Leong, 2017). In addition, reduced management and employee focus and commitment, changing priority, and minimal expertise and skill are additional workforce factors that decrease productivity. Accordingly, a well-planned and executed TPM program can target root cause problems to reduce plant asset breakdowns in a greater effort to improve equipment efficiency, effectiveness, product quality, and increase employee involvement (Modgil & Sharma, 2016). Appropriately, a preventative maintenance approach is the effective TPM method to increase machine reliability and performance before breakdowns or failures occur. Furthermore, a proactive preventative maintenance approach uses machine or equipment run time and usage probabilities to estimate when a machine may experience wear or breakdown (Modgil & Sharma, 2016). Additionally,

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