Managing Business Intelligence Applications Portfolio

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I was the first one from my family to attend a college. After an undergraduate degree in electronics and communication engineering, I thought I had achieved the education goal of my life. Soon I entered the work place as a junior scientist in a privately held electronics materials research company and I realized that management degree was the key to rise through ranks in a company. I started preparation for entrance exams, left the job, went back to school and earned an MBA with Finance as major. The management degree complemented my technical mindset and gave me a whole new perspective to the business and the work. After a couple of years in Finance and accounting job, I got big break at Oracle consulting as a software consultant. I spent next many years focusing on learning application technology, understanding business processes, solving business problems, and travelling the world. Currently I manage business intelligence applications portfolio at one of the largest retailer in US. During recent business updates I saw many business opportunities that were enabled by technology such as cloud computing, mobility and big data. Trust me I had a déjà vu and my inner self called for immediate action to prepare myself to leverage such opportunities for career growth and job satisfaction. I felt a strong need for formal computer science education and started researching options. That’s when I wished to earn a master’s degree in computer science from one of the best technical

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