Managing Career : Managing, Career, And Managing Knowledge

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The purpose of this report is to analyse and evaluate one’s development in four main competence areas: managing self, managing others, managing career, and managing knowledge.
For each area, a specific skill will be taken into consideration and analysed, supported by three different pieces of evidence each.
Furthermore, the importance of every skill will be evaluated with regards to the hospitality industry, and a personal reflection will be made to determine how much of a development I have undergone throughout this academic year.

Managing Career: Employability

The Skills for Business Network (2003, cited in Gravells, A., 2010) defines Employability as the knowledge, skills and attributes that are needed in order to look for, obtain and maintain employment at any level. However, Tamkin and Hillage (1999) suggest these skills alone are not enough: they need to be combined with the knowledge of how to market and sell oneself and the skills they possess.
According to Van der Heijde and Van der Heijden (2006), employability is the continuous fulfilling, acquiring or creating work through the use of specific competences such as knowledge, abilities, and skills. It depends on a continuous learning process that enables people to develop skills throughout their experiences (Scholarios et al., 2008), which they will use constructively to progress in their career and enhance their employability.
Furthermore, according to Harvey and Morey (2002), employability

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