Managing Change In Organization And Enhancing Performance

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MANAGING CHANGE IN ORGANIZATION AND ENHANCING PERFORMANCE Background: A clinic is introducing a new electronic medical record system in the office. Employees have been introduced to the new system but they are having problems in fully understanding the new operational aspect of the system. I have been consulted to resolve and train the employees in order to bring about the change in an organized and systematic manner. Managing Change: People in the past had this belief that anything can be accomplished by taking controls of the things that are in our hand. Certainly, there will be some temporary disruption from time to time. Nevertheless, in today's environment, there is no easy way out. As soon as a change is assimilated, another one pops up (Killer, 1994). Generally there are countless changes taking place all together. There is limited control over the environment and in order to navigate through these rapid times, caution should be exercised. Vision and leadership make thriving change. As the change agent, first step is to craft a vision of the future that is able to focus on the group's energy (Haschak 2008). Thе vision should contrast what is with what could be and should be inclusive enough to guide how the gap of the future should be abridged. The complexity of healthcare has boosted over the years and it has become increasingly probable that practitioners would not be fully notified about patients' current and previous health status and treatment. The
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