Managing Change : Managing A Business Essay

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Managing a business requires an enormous amount of time, effort, calculation, organization, commitment, examination, dedication, and cohesiveness. For this reason, when managing innovation, one must ensure that the proper research is conducted, the necessary information obtained, as well as, the strengths and weaknesses identified. In addition, one must carefully assess any possible opportunities or threats. In fact, by carefully managing change, one can, without a doubt, reduce or prevent the risk factors affiliated with change. Moreover, one must ensure that the information is properly conveyed and comprehended by all parties; specially to avoid any miscommunication. Unfortunately, one must consider the fact that certain risks will occur; therefore, one should be prepare and plan for such situations and remain flexible; specially to make the necessary adjustments. That said, everyone should work together and be willing to adapt to any necessary transformations (Tidd & Bessant, 2013). Considering the significance of managing change, one, will select a problem within Kenner Army Health Clinic and devise a plan for change. Kenner Army Health Clinic is a health care facility designed to render care to all active duty military personnel, retirees, and family members on fort Lee, Virginia. Kenner Army Health Clinic consists of several sub-clinics; family medicine, optometry, physical therapy, orthopedics, laboratory, medical records, behavioral health, pharmacy, and the
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