Managing Change Essay

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"Managing Change"

     Massive change is impacting on all facets of society, creating new dimensions and great uncertainty. Instant communication, super small high-tech equipments, the globalization movement, the deadly terrorist attacks in the U.S., the emerging of foreign investments in China nation are all the changing dimensions of the world. These are few of the changes which have occurred around last two decades. The issue facing people in business today is how to manage such changes.
     The origin of one change has an impact on other origin of changes. For example, technological break thorough of the communication in computers resulted in tremendous change of behavioral
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Scott and Jaffe (1995) point that organizations and individual must operate in the environment exist today and will exist in the future .The main thrust is to identify, classify, and organize such environment. Then the task is to provide guidelines and prescriptions for organizations and individuals, to manage such environment in effect manage change.

     Every facet of life from behavioral ethics to organizational and even national survival is undergoing change as forces external to facet changes. Three origins of change such as:
     1. Institutional-structural
     2. Technological
     3. Social-behavioral
     Almost any change in the management of the organization falls under the structural change category. The implementation of new pay incentives, an affirmative action program, and a move from functional to product structure are all examples of structural changes. Successful structural changes are accomplished from the top down. The experts of administrative or structural improvement originate at upper middle to top managers.
     Technology change relates to the organization's way of doing its work. A good example of technological change is the adoption of robotics to improve production efficiency in the automobile industry. Technological

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