Managing Change

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1. Introduction
In this report, I am trying to introduce my role set through the analysis of a new strategy to make change happens in my institution. City of London College is an approved centre of different UK universities eg. University of Greenwich, Birmingham City University and University of Wales. We are running university programmes for overseas students. We have been in collaboration with UoG/Computing and Mathematics school since 2003 running a 1-year BSc (Hons) in Computing. Our student’s performance until 2007 was reasonable but since 2008 and up to now, student’s number is increasing but the performance is going down gradually. Other administration problems make the students and the partner university not happy from the
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The key allies of the change are the management of the institution(Principal and the Director of Studies), academic staff, administration staff and the partner university while a group of non-academic staff are the key targets that I am trying to influence.

This group of teaching staff have wrong beliefs such as in their view, focusing on student’s attendance is neither important nor part of their duty. Furthermore, they do not think that they need to develop their abilities in the subject area. Moreover, they do not think that it’s one of their duty is to engage the students with the course. Following rules and regulation is only a bureaucratic system in their perspective. Furthermore, they believe that over passing all students regardless whether they deserve that or not is the only way to make students happy!. And hence with these beliefs making my work is much harder than expected.

The following matrix shows the readiness and capability of change when the decision to change has been made:

+ Ready to Change

- - Capability of Change +

Change cannot be happening overnight, the management had set up the strategic objectives within a reasonable planning period. Holding frequent and effective meetings with the team to ensure the transparency of ideas and that is also helping to recognise the weakness. In spite of the fact that persuasion is the

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