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MANAGING CHANGE AND DIVERSITY – EasiYo Paul O’Brien in 2009 became the CEO of EasiYo, a manufacturer of powder-based yogurts. With O’Brien’s arrival at EasiYo, the company has overseen a 30 percent growth in the annual sales (Jones & George 2003). With the increase of sale and exports a number of challenges have become evident including the absence of a formal management arrangement and the pressure placed of the efficiency and effectiveness of employees (Jones & George 2003). As EasiYo continues to grow into a multinational business, EasiYo must adopt a mixture of hard and soft approaches to human resource management. Coupled with Mayo’s approaches to management EasiYo will be able to overcome its challenges professionally and…show more content…
2011). When EasiYo’s sales and operations continued to expand and grow its local and unqualified workers cannot respond to the company’s changing need and demands. This placed pressure on the employees to perform, causing O’Brien to adapt to changes in EasiYo’s technologies and exploit opportunities to improve (Grant 2012). O’Brien focused on up skilling it’s workers with a government-subsidised literacy program that improved the employee literacy and numeracy skills (Clement 2011). With the improvement of EasiYo’s employee’s it ensured quality control and stimulated greater loyalty and incentive, which produces a stronger workplace atmosphere (Jones & George 2013). Creating goals and a controlled environment motivated employees to perform efficiently; this creates opportunities to gain competitive advantages in a global market. When O’Brien joined EasiYo there was an absence of a formal management system that would sustain elevated performance and construct a proposal for future development and growth (Jones & George 2013). O’Brien adopts a mixture of both hard and soft approaches to human resource management. A soft approach to management means staff are looking for self-fulfillment in their work that is derived from social relations with their manager. O’Brien does this well by emphasizing teamwork and participative collaboration, creating a fulfilling and meaningful workplace that encourages autonomy and

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