Managing Change in Organisations Essay

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How bold are the employees in expressing their emotions. Few are bold enough to directly oppose the change may be verbally, physically or by their behavior. These are the ones who have no fear of losing their jobs. They are aggressive and active employees. On the other hand we have the silent movers who being aggressive are passive, although they have a strong grudge against change, they do not revolt openly. But it is seen in their behavior as employees may become lazy, tell lies, avoid work, lose the spirit of work, reduce involvement, etc. For example an organization has undergone change and an employee who is a covert resistor shall not be happy in helping the new team leader. He shall try to misguide him, give wrong dates, tell …show more content…
Resistance is seen at all levels from the managerial level to the shop floor. Biggest challenge faced by most of the CEO’s is managing Resistance to change among the staff. So resistance is very justifiable against change. As aptly put by Kurt Lwein in his field force theory, for initiating change the tendency is to increase the driving forces and reduce the resisting forces like unknown effects, fear, unknown reasons for change and loss of benefit of power. The management needs to reduce the resisting forces as much as possible to achieve its goals.

Resistance seen among the employees are due to many reasons like –
• Fear – Fear is the main cause for resistance to change by employees. Fear of facing rejection. Employees undermine their abilities with present situation and fear failure. That is the reason they try to be away from it rather than facing it. Fear of the unpredictable.

• Effects of change - Employees are confused about the future and have no clear picture of the effects of change.
• Hesitate to defer from present job profile - some employees are so comfortable with their conventional methods that they hesitate to defer from it. For them nothing can be better than the present situation.
• Fear the unknown - Scared about the unknown change. Whether they would have to quite job, go for some training, Change of workplace, all such questions trigger in their mind and this leads to resistance.
• Loss of Control - Resistance is

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