Essay about Managing Conflict in Healthcare Organizations

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What is conflict? According to Masters & Albright (2002), “Conflict exists when two or more parties disagree about something” (pg. 14). Is conflict bad? Not necessarily, conflict can be good or bad. In fact, according to Lewicki et al. a moderate amount of conflict can be productive where as too little or too much conflict can result in complacency or chaos (as cited by Almost, 2006, pg. 447). In healthcare organizations, like other organizations, conflict is an everyday occurrence. According to Thomas, “managers spend approximately 30% to 40% of their workday dealing with some form of conflict” (as cited by Haraway & Haraway, 2005, pg. 11). Conflict will exist between nurses and physicians, within a healthcare organization, and…show more content…
Once the conflict reaches a certain level it will begin to have adverse effects and can result in increased turnover and absenteeism, reduced coordination and collaboration, and lower efficiency” (Spector & Jex, De Dreu et al. as cited by Almost, 2006, pg. 444). Increased absenteeism within the nursing ranks will result in additional negative outcomes for the remaining nurses and the organization as a whole. Unfortunately, when one nurse decides not to come to work it leaves fewer nurses to care for the same number of patients. In some instances it is beneficial to coordinate and collaborate with others in order to determine the best course of action for a particular problem. When there is a reduction in coordination and collaboration the best course of action may not be the one used on multiple occasions. These issues along with reduced efficiency all result in overall less care and support for the patients that nurses are charged to care for and treat. After a certain level of conflict or numerous issues, there will be some nurses that will decide to seek employment elsewhere thus causing increased turnover of personnel. This not only affects the organization but it also affects the nurses. As far as the organization is concerned, it takes time, effort, and resources to train and develop a nurse to the level that is expected of someone that works within the organization. Also, until that nurse reaches
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