Managing Conflicts: Course Analysis

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I have learned a lot through this course and I believe that they will truly help me in my career as a health management and policy professional. Through this course, I learned that although it is impossible not to experience conflict in a workplace, there are many tricks to implement to resolve those conflicts and even prevent it from escalating. Managing conflicts involve using a mediator, facilitator and even arbitration. By doing so, the parties who are involved in the conflict can express their views and work together to find a solution to resolve the problem. Many people associate conflicts with a negative implication because they always look at the negative aspects of it. Conflicts are not always destructive but could rather be constructive depending on how they are handled.…show more content…
Although managers are the leaders and should how to handle conflicts, they should not always resolve conflicts but should allow and encourage their employees to resolve their own issues by implementing the following techniques known as negotiating, collaborating, cooperating, compromising and so on. I really enjoyed this course because I was able to learn about conflicts and so I now have a different perspective about conflicts. When we first started the course, my perception of conflicts was the total opposite of my current perception and attitude toward conflicts. I believe that I will implement those conflict techniques that I learned this semester if I ever become a manager in the
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