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Managing Conflict Conflicts are mostly unintended; a conflict arises whenever individual’s perception, interpretation, action or decision differ from one another. Workplace team conflict occurs when a group and team members have different point of views and choices own preferred ways of accomplishing tasks or goals without considering each member of his/her team. It is normal for conflict to exist in any organization to the extent that employee and leaders are communicating, understanding and accepting their difference, as they are exchanging ideas and creativity that help them to achieve their shared goal. Unfortunately, the lack of conflict management causes many organizations to face counter-productive that conflict can result in a…show more content…
After I take over the leadership of that department, I was very concerned how we were going to overcome several old misconceptions that was harming our department’s effectiveness. Although, things start getting better after implementing a weekly goal oriented and informative staff meetings, we were still having challenges in terms of day to day interactions. I implemented a professional/personal development activities as part of our departmental meeting, such as playing interactive games at the beginning of our meeting, and doing a personal and departmental assessments regularly. According to the Myers and Briggs Foundation, (2016), Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers built their own concept of psychological natures that displayed 16 personalities formed upon the Carl, Jung, 1921 Psychological Types research developed that characterized individuals into key types of psychological functions. Each of our team members took the online “Sixteen Personalities Test” together. Surprisingly, every one of us was very inspired about both the accuracy and unexpected results the personalities test. It was very inspiring and discovering experience for everybody as we shared each other’s results. Some of our communication barrier causes were identified during our discussions of the personality types that was identified. The

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