Managing Costs And Revenues At Happy Town Neurology

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According to the case study, "Managing Costs and Revenues at Happy Town Neurology," in order to receive a promotion an individual must demonstrate the ability to plan, organize and direct the functional structure within that department. The neurology clinic offers its employees opportunities for assistant to the chief financial officer who has been with the company for in this case is interested in a position asked by the CFO to produce a cash flow budget and a report that is needed to acquire a loan for the hospital. In order, for the assistant to accomplish the goal assigned; she will need assistant from the controller. The controller is the chief accounting officer who manages the finance department and generates portfolios that are essential for capital fund acquisition (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012). Moreover, the controller manages the accounting function and performance, which includes navigating the third party risk-based model procedure. A third party payer is an organization(s) that reimburses money to physician according to the level of care and treatment that was rendered to the insured member. This payment system represent cost sharing they individuals, about 84.6% of Americans, who elected to pay a set rate in exchange for the access to medical care and service (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012). Well, the healthcare (HA) system is not longer that simple. The HC system is mandate that legislative and mandates t and most will agree there are that I have HC…
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